September 1, 2005

Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review

I have received a yearlong subscription to the Old Schoolhouse magazine in exchange for reviewing it here. The first issue came a few weeks ago. I flipped through the articles but felt they mostly needed time to get into them. As you know time is a luxury for many of us - I finally got through reading a good portion of the magazine.

Overall first impressions are positive - it is a large informational magazine with even interesting advertisements. It is colorful, with a good layout and large amounts of information packed in. This issue dealt with topics such as homeschooling internationally and its challenges, homeschooling the special needs child and homeschool blogging.

Of course I was particularly interested in the homeschool blogging articles. It was well written - though there is so much in the homeschool blogosphere it is impossible to cover it all or do it justice - atleast attention was drawn to it. Though I do feel they overemphasized Homeschool Blogger and the blogs linked to it, which is directly affiliated with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

I was impressed with the artwork and writings of Akiane, a 10 year old true prodigy. The article drew my attention to her work and her website is interesting. Check out her artwork, one of my favorite pieces of hers is:

The Old Schoolhouse magazine provides a lot of information in a single issue. The downside is some of the articles are not quick reads which means it takes longer to read. The upside to that is you have a lot of interesting reads waiting for your attention when you can get to them!

This was a special edition for international and special needs homeschooling so I am not able to judge or compare it to others yet - but it was a good issue in itself.


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  1. Hi Tenn

    You might want to explore the relationship between Old Homeschool Magazine and the Pearls

    The Pearls as you may know write parenting books and articles. The quote below is in response to a mother's question about spanking a 7 month old baby because he cried when he was put to bed. From this article:[swords]=spanking&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=144&tx_ttnews[backPid]=118&cHash=9de565b738

    If the child has been mistrained, or if you have failed to provide a good prelude to sleep, and the child rises up to fight and resist, you should evaluate your whole procedure so as to improve your pre-sleep ritual for tomorrow night. But for the moment, you must constrain the child to obey authority and remain lying down. As a last resort, you may have to prove the power of your word by enforcing it with one or two stinging licks (applied with a small flexible switch) to the child’s leg that says to the child, “There is no reward for getting up; Mama means business; she is not going to give over to my demands; the path to greatest pleasure is to go to sleep; there is no alternative; my parents always get their way; what can I say? Good night.”
    The Old Homeschool actively promotes the Pearls materials and employees the Pearls daughter as a writer well as accepting material for publication from Michael Pearl.