September 23, 2005

Illustrated Bible

This year for bible study we are working through the main bible stories one week at a time. As part of the lesson. The first day she reads it, the second and third day she needs to draw a picture to illustrate it and the last day she needs to write some sentences to summarize it. We are placing each page in sheet protectors and in a binder in order. So far we have done the story of creation, she did one illustration for each day, and the fall of Adam and Eve.

At first she was resistant to do this activity as her confidence in her illustrating abilities is low but as I told her that it did not need to be perfect or detailed then she was willing to try. Once she started she found she really enjoyed the activity. Now she seems to enjoy it.

This is a nice activity that can be used over the years. We plan on integrating our history timeline right in with the bible illustrations so she can see what world events were going on at the same time. I got this idea from "My Father's World Curriculum" which also recommends doing this again in third grade and you can see the progress and change over the years.

You may want to consider it, the finished product really is something special. Anyone who has kept a nature notebook knows it is a wonderful proccess to keep it all in one location and see the natural progression of ability and interest.


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