September 19, 2005

Soccer Mom

Today we took the final step into suburban life, we went to soccer. It is funny you know the whole "soccer mom" thing. Well soccer was fun and the kids had a great time. They both get to participate because it is in the same league, same night and same location. Typically we will only allow one child to have an activity per season (not one activity per child) because we don't want to live in the car and lose dinners and all that goes with getting super involved. This year they could participate in the same league at the same location and same time so it was hard not to say yes they could both do it.

The kids are on seperate teams so we played rock paper scissors to see who took Sirah with them. I won and took my knitting and a chair and Serona got the stroller and Sirah! Don't think I will be so lucky again!

The only downside to the whole night was the bugs. They completely took us off guard as we have had a relatively bug free summer. They were thick and terrible, we are all covered in bites and the kids bites tend to swell.

Well the woes of a first time soccer mom. Next time we bring the bug spray.


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