September 17, 2005

Historical Societies

For the past year we have been memebers of the Minnesota Historical Society. I was not sure it was worth it and was second guessing our membership, until recently. The Twin Cities has a great historical society with many great locations and lessons. There are many museums and historical sites to visit and get involved. They are hands on and very interactive and they bring history alive. They get kids involved and excited. My kids love them.

We have visited a fort, learned blacksmithing, fur trading, playing games of the 1800's, worked on a farm, helped build dams, sort logs and learn about milling flour. We have seen petroglyphs and made ancient weaponds, we have sat in one room schoolrooms and learned about medicine through the years, we've been in grain elevators and flour frieght elevators, thresed wheat, pickled, gardened, tended animals, we've sat in a rocketship and experienced a simulated tornado. To name just a few of the things we have done this year. We have learned so much and had so much fun it doesn't feel like learning. We have learned how much fun it is to do these things together and have an appreciation both for the lives of those who have gone before us and a thankfullness for our own lives.

The kids asked me to renew the membership and explained all their favorite things we have done and I believe we will. If you have a historical society nearby - research it and see what they offer. It may very well be worth joining. One last note, remember we have young children currently 6,4 and 2 but for most of this year 5,3 and 1 and we had a blast with it. Sometimes people may be surprised you have young kids there and truthfully there are some things they can't do but they can do more than you think they can and they enjoy it much more than you would expect.

Our kids do not see museums as dry or boring places. They are always excited and feel like we are going on an adventure. I am thankful that the historical society is as good as it is here and hope you can find something near you.


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