September 8, 2005

MN Zoo

We had a great day at the zoo today. Another good day to be out and about. While the zoo was more crowded than the history museum (as more preschoolers are interested in the zoo) it was still rather empty. We had our own monorail car - the first time we have done that at this zoo, the kids were estatic. We played in the kids classroom alone for about 45 minutes before another child even came in. We moved around with ease and never felt rushed. The dolphin show was empty but still as good as ever. The weather was great, though we ended up staying indoors for much of the time.

This time each child got to pick one thing to do. Rhiannon picked the monorail as we have never gone on it. Ciaran of course picked seeing all four frogs, are you surprised? Little Sirah picked seeing the owls. Of course by the time we got to the owls she was struggling to stay awake to even see them, shortly after she fell asleep in the stroller and when we moved her at all she said rather grumpily "Sleep!" so we just let her sleep and enjoyed the rest of the zoo.

Again the kids did not want to leave and I had to pull us out just in time to stay ahead of rush hour traffic. We did catch some of it but we were ahead of the majority of it. Another good day that makes me glad we delay the start of school. Hope you are enjoying this first week of September whatever you are doing.



  1. Hi I'm also educating my kids at home but in the UK. You have an interesting blog, will definitly be coming back!We love the Zoo too.

  2. Hi Sianne, nice to "see" you here :-) This is one of my favourite blogs, I read it often :-)