September 1, 2005

Hurricane Relief

Home School Foundation Hurricane Response

In response to the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina, the Home School Foundation has established a Hurricane Emergency Response program to help homeschooling families who have suffered great losses.

We will use contributions to this program to assist families with replacing lost or destroyed curriculum and meeting emergency needs.

If you know of homeschooling families who need our assistance, please have them call us at 540-338-8899 or email

If you would like to make a gift to help these families, you may donate online here.

There are many other great programs that provide more general assistance as well. Even local TV stations are filling trucks of relief items such as water, diapers, hand sanitizers and batteries and bringing them down.

Today the kids and I, along with another family went to the store and bought some supplies and drove them to a local television station where there were volunteers collecting them and loading them onto a truck. As soon as a truck fills they leave again and load another truck. Simple but real way the kids can help you. It is a tangiable lesson for them to experiences.

We talked about what we might need and then bought some of those items to send to another family in need. I think it brought things home more for them. Find an organization and help support however you can.

You can also donate through the blogosphere and see how much has been raised so far through blogging for hurricane relief at The Truth Laid Bear. As of 3pm CST the total contributions so far was at $ 50,402!

Please donate your time, money, and supplies to those in need.


Updated total: $ 405,748 in contributions so far

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