September 1, 2005

Geography Resources

Here is a list of geography resources I received from a homeschool list I am on. I have used some of these but not all - it seems like a great list of resources though so I thought I would share!

-- World atlas, maps you can print. -- National Atlas, lots of different kinds of maps to print. -- Lots of high-quality outline maps to print.
-- Very basic outline maps to print.
-- Outline maps to print. -- Outline maps to print of the states. -- Lots of in-depth mapping information. -- How Far Is It, a great way to see how far another place is from where you are. -- Links to many outline maps. -- Full color physical and political maps. -- State and county facts. -- There is SO much information on this website, as well as maps to print. -- Lists of books that take place in each state. A great way for kids to relate to the states they are learning about. -- Lots of great geography resources and information here -- always changing, very interactive. Make sure to check out The Sense of Place, where people have recorded the sounds of their communities (we sure live in a noisy world)! Plan to spend hours on this site! -- Lots of information about all the countries of the world, including maps. Great resource. -- Sign up to receive postcards from all over, delivered to your email. We had been getting these postcards, but haven't gotten one in quite a while now. Not sure if this service is still working or not, but the archives are still there. There are a lot of great pictures of all over to explore.
-- State unit studies links. Printable maps, facts, and information on each state. -- Get satellite images from any place in the world! This is a free service, but you can subscribe to get images with closer resolution. (Great way to see your own backyard from outerspace)!

Google maps

Google Earth - a very cool service!!! Satellite images and facts about the places you want to visit. This website is definitely worth a visit and download!

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