September 24, 2005

Treasures of Their Heart

I have been blessed with three children who love to give gifts. Lately they have really taken to collecting beautiful rocks for me. At first blush this can be easy to overlook or dimiss but they truly are beautiful and when you take time to look at each rock a child gives you there is so much more apparent. I can tell that the kids really took time looking at each rock they gave me.

When I see a large bucket coming my way my first instinct is to think they just scooped up some rocks but careful examination shows me that everything they picked is truly beautiful. I have watched Rhiannon sitting in the piles of rock slowly going through each one turning it over and over and then deciding whether to cast it aside or to put it into my treasure box. The large bucket actually represents a lot of time and thought put into each rock I receive.

Children love to give and their means are limited so they use what is available to them, nature. That is why as parents we receive an endless collection of rocks, flowers, bugs, leaves, acorns and other items like this. Why we need to treasure those matchbox cars, shiny precious jewels, stickers, and other toys given to us.

The true value and meaning of these gifts lies beneath the surface. Special drawings, coloring, and all the gifts from the heart our kids give to us each day. They mean so much more than we often give them credit for. The children are sharing the treasures of their heart and they are precious to them and we need to treasure them as precious to us. That is why I have two rock collections and wilting flowers in my kitchen right now. Why I have a special box on my dresser that I take out from time to time (yes when they can see me) and look through the collection of shiny red heart, little jewels, matchbox cars and the like. Why Serona's cube and our refrigerator is plastered with pictures and other works of art. Enjoy those treasures.


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