September 29, 2005


That was the word of the day. We actually began our evening prayer thanking God for mud. The kids spent two hours playing in the mud. Our backyard has a huge mud puddle - we call it our lake. The kids have been begging to go into it. Tonight after dinner I had them put on them put on their mud boots and messy clothes and they played, they explored, they jumped, they invented games and ran around the entire yard.

When they were done they came in with boots in hand went right to the laundry room and then to their baths. After baths we had a nice storytime, Sirah even feel asleep on my lap while we were reading.

Prayers began with thank you God for mud. They had a great time and I had fun watching them and was able to get most of my house cleaned up while they kept the mess in the backyard!


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