February 9, 2007

Call me the Bag Lady

Serona has to put up with a quirky habit I have. I am a bag lady. I like big bags and I like having different bags for anything. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I refuse to carry a purse and always have (another annoying habit for my hubby). I would much rather use my pockets than carry an extra small bag that I will be sure to lose.

However while I will not carry a small purse I am happy to carry around a large tote bag, the bigger the better in this case. As if that was not bad enough I like to have several different bags for different purposes. I have a knitting bag (ok I have several of these), two library bags (one for to read books and one for returns), a church bag, a homeschool coop bag, a gym bag, and my computer bag! Sometimes I have another bag kicking around for a specefic task or collecting random items that need to be put away around the house (often the result of cleaning out the car or school room, etc).

While this keeps me organized it is also a fault of my laziness - I would rather keep it all together and just grab a bag then have one bag that I pack each day depending on what I am doing. In addition my bags have a tendency to fill up and I go awhile before I empty the random things from them.

The other downside is occasionally my entryway looks like a bag convention. I should take a picture to show you (not that I can get it onto my computer as I have lost my camera wire to my computer) so you can have sympathy for my patient husband. Today it overwhelmed even me as I walked into my landing and was overcome by bags so some narrowing and cleaning was in order.

Even though I know the downsides I still think the conveinance outweighs for me. I will keep having many bags so it is easy to just grab one and go. Call me the bag lady.

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  1. Oh my gosh! It is now confirmed, we definitely are long-lost twins!!! I have a bag for Monkey Boy for church, a bag for all the kids for dance, my music bag for praise team rehearsal, a special "Friends of the Library" bag for library books, and an empty bag to load up in a hurry for anything I haven't yet thought of. I do carry a purse, but if I can get away with it, I just throw my wallet into the current bag and off we go!