February 25, 2007

Snow Finally!

Yay now it is worth it to be in Minnesota - the last week of Feb. and we got a foot of snow this morning! Well it has been snowing since Friday but majority of it fell from the time we went to bed until we woke up this morning.

Shoveling out the driveway was done in layers but Serona and I managed to finish it in a little under an hour with some help from Ciaran. We had a few several foot high drifts from all the blowing and of course a HUGE mound from where the plow put all street snow that was about waist high to shovel across our 2 car driveway - still the shoveling is worth it - for all the fun snow now!!!

We used the shoveled snow to make two snow forts across the driveway from each other and had a family snowball fight for awhile. I even made a snow angel. Sadly it is now snow sculpture snow that would have been fun to do but now the kids are sledding and just enjoying the snow.

Best part the weather is going to be nice this week - potentially more snow but at least it will stay warm - high 20's and low 30's - which will allow us to enjoy the snow, yay!

Only downside to the timing of the snowfall was Serona and I had to waste our tickets to see Gooogle the Musical as it was snowing too much to drive into the city to see the play. We could not even give the tickets away so sadly they were wasted. Even sadder we missed our opportunity to see the show as that was the last performance in the Twin Cities.

Still I am thankful for the snow - makes the cold worthwhile and makes winter so much more beautiful and fun. Now the kids will want to play outside and burn off all that winter pent up energy. Seems a lot of the country will be seeing this storm so enjoy your snow!!!!

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  1. I am with you on the snow making our Minnesota winter more bearable, but it's too late for me. I would have appreciated it in December, January, or at the beginning of February.