February 10, 2007

Little House Field Trip

The kids went to a field trip to learn about the times of Laura Ingalls Wilder. They had different stations where they learned and asked questions and got to try some different things from the time period.

They learned about homemade butter and made some by pouring heavy cream into a glass jar and shaking it for the whole class time so in the end they could try homemade butter on crackers. It was sweeter than we expected. This is something they want to repeat at home sometime soon.

They learned about spinning wool and had an opportunity to comb wool and then spin it into a bracelet for themselves. Ciaran really enjoyed this and told dad all about it last night as he showed off his bracelet.

They talked about the different chores of the time and spent particular time on laundry. Each child had an opportunity to scrub a washcloth against the washboard in the washtub.

Then they learned about games and toys of the time and got to see and try several of the games. This was most of the kids favorite part of the class. They had a variety of wooden toys for them to try and talked about how little free time kids had.

Many of the little girls in the class came all dressed up in pioneer clothing including Rhia and Sirah who love any opportunity to dress up. It always makes me smile to see little girls dress up.

Sirah drifted in and out of activities and spent some time playing with their little puppet theater and her own doll that she brought with her. By the end of the class she found a willingly lap in one of her friends, a dear 9 year old girl who loves to spend time with her.

It was a fun class and the kids seemed to enjoy it. I love offering opportunities for living history as I think they really bring lessons home. The kids enjoy the hands on experiences.


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