February 13, 2007

Going to Ireland

I am not one for Valentine's Day. I am not big on the holiday feeling like it is a Hallmark created holiday - even though I do know the history behind it. I don't like chocolate and I hardly wear jewelery. Serona and I often do not exchange anything or do anything special for the day.

Well imagine my surprise when he shared with me a very BIG gift for both this Valentines and our upcoming 10 year anniversary. We are going to Ireland! I have never traveled to Europe and being Irish have always wanted to go to Ireland. I can hardly believe that we are going!

So there you go - we are going to Ireland and I am so excited I can hardly wait....



  1. That is great news. Kiss the Blarney stone for me. Take plenty of pictures. Have a great time

    Family Forever

  2. So happy and I am glad that you know hence the discussion about the passport...you know how I hate to keep secrets...you both are going to have a wonderful time...Love Mom