February 20, 2007

Precious Moments

My dear Sirah just gave me one of those moments you want to treasure. She is wearing her new "My entire life is being blogged" t-shirt and she is very cute in her white t-shirt and jeans. She just wanted to be with me. She asked me to read to her, then to just snuggle and talk with me in our big chair. Then she asked to nurse but only wanted a little "chocolate milk" so she can save some for later. Then she asked if she could vacuum. So we picked up the living room and she vacuumed the living room, dining room and hallway. Then she wrapped up the vacuum cord while singing to "Big Bad Billy" by Go Fish - which is her current favorite song that she asked for. Then she asked for it again and asked me sing while she danced and did ninja splits and jumps on our couch. She did donkey and turtle kicks and is very cute. "Oh me, oh my, my blog has just begun. Oh me, oh my, now my blog is done..."

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