February 18, 2007

Research Lesson Plan - Week One

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Introduction Week

Who Am I – Lifelong learner, special passion for research, communication and argument. Specialized in grad school in this area, competitive debate and coaching, continued research approach to nearly everything in life.

Expectations for students
Respect for me – in class and in work
Respect for each other
Respect for themselves – do their work and get the skills they came to the class to obtain
Assignments will be neat and preferably typed
Take care of things like spelling and punctuation
Assignments must be turned in on time and be complete

What is research?
What is the value of it? Why is it necessary?

Defining Words

Systematic process of inquiry aimed at discovering, interpreting, and revising facts.
intellectual investigation that produces a greater knowledge
The term research is also used to describe an entire collection of information about a particular subject
Derives from French recherche, from rechercher, to search closely
its literal meaning is 'to investigate thoroughly'.
Re- search what has been discovered before – looking for new details

Make it Personal

Have you ever researched for pure joy or curiosity?
To prove a point?
To prove someone wrong?
To understand something better?
Use examples from my life of research for interest
-new hobbies
-kids vaccines
-politics, news stories, etc

Difference between knowledge and wisdom and link to research

-knowledge versus wisdom

importance of knowledge – always with you

wisdom in being able to find research

capability within all of us a skill to learn and practice (become second nature)

while we may not know everything we can learn how to research and discover anything therby having the power to gain the knowledge we need over time.

Albert Einstein example

Different Types of Resources – Where to Find Research
-Internet (variety here)
-Newspapers, Magazines
-Library vs Internet
Primary/secondary sources – “quotes from books”

Keeping Track of It – Staying Organized
File Folders
Book Bag
Google Notebook
Personal Computer
Ipod – phone – pda

MLA Citations

-most commonly used in the humanities
- in high school and college
- review basic structure

First Assignment:

Using your assigned pre-approved topic begin your research process. Keep a file of your research in one central place. For next class you must bring five pieces of research from different resources into class. Bring the ACTUAL resources (the book, the article, etc) as well as a Works Cited page to be handed in.

Possible resources include books, newspapers, magazines, journal articles, encyclopedias, etc. Only two resources can be internet resources and at least one must be a book unless you have prior approval.

The Works Cited page should be typed or written neatly in MLA format. Please consult the handout from class as a guideline for more detailed instructions (only if you wish) consult the MLA Handbook 6th edition. Your handed in assignment will look like the works cited reference sheet (without all the color coding) and you will have with you a stack of resources (articles, books, etc) to present in class.

As always if you have any questions feel free to email me or call me. Remember to start early as research can take more time than you expect.

For samples of MLA Citations please visit http://www.mla.org/style and


and refer to your handout.

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