February 5, 2007

Tulips on My Table

I am very blessed with friends! With really good friends. Tonight Rhiannon came upstairs after watching a movie and with a big smile asked "Where did the fresh apples and tulips come from?" She was thrilled and so were we all, with something little that meant so much.

As you know it is cold (ok frigid) here and a friend called me and asked if she could pick anything up for me so I would not need to take the kids out in the cold. She came by with bags full of groceries and beautiful tulips! She made our night and kept us warm while warming our hearts. What a blessing she is to me and my family!

Just in the past two days I have felt the love and support of friends in very real ways. Friends calling just to check in, friends praying for me and just calling to talk because they somehow knew that is exactly what I needed right now. Just a word of encouragement, something to make me laugh or smile, or an ear to listen.

Minnesota winters can be challenging for parents of young children, especially us homeschoolers. It is simply too cold to be outside at all, it is dangerous at times, but that does not stop the energy from needing to be expended! So we get creative and we have a tendency to get isolated and cocoon ourselves in. Sometimes that is just what we need and sometimes we need to remember to get out or at least connect with one another. Fellow homeschool moms reaching out to one another is a great cure for that. I am thankful to have friends who do that for me.

On this chilly night I look at the beautiful purple tulips and smile. Tulips truly are a happy flower - they lift your spirits and making you think of happy things, at least they do for me. They are in my top 3 flowers along with sunflowers and roses. Amazing how some flowers can lift our spirits. Of course Ciaran summed it up when he helped me unload the groceries and said "Those tulips are a sign of love because you did not ask for them" and I understood exactly what he meant. They brightened our day and lifted our spirits in an unexpected way.

The love, prayers and support of all my friends and family has done that for me today. So thank you my friends and family for brightening and warming this chilly Minnesota night. May you be abundantly blessed!

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