February 8, 2007

Skip Counting Songs

Okay do these skip counting songs REALLY work? Because I am about ready to pull my hair out before listen to them again. I am not a big fan of a vast majority of children's music and thus my poor kiddos don't get to listen to much of it. They are limited to what mom can tolerate and even then for short periods of time.

But I am taking a chance on these CD's everyone is raving about to help with multiplication tables. But they are really annonying to me as a mom. Can someone give me hope that this is worth it and they will help or should I save my hair?



  1. I'm not sure if they work, but I'm not a big fan, either. I heard once that if you memorize something to music, you have to sing the song to recall it.

  2. There are probably several different musical options you can choose from--the one we've used for all 4 kids has tunes from old hymns, an amusing contrast to the words. It really does seem to help, at least in making the idea of memorizing the times tables do-able.

  3. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Yeah, they work! Some songs are horrible to listen to though. Pick songs that you and your child like. Check out the School House Rock Multiplication Songs at www.youtube.com. Check out "three is a magic number" See what you think. BTW, Math U See is awesome. Good luck. :o)

  4. Hi~ I know what you mean...I listened to the sample which convinced me NOT to purchase them...however, I did purchase this one at amazon http://www.amazon.com/Skip-Counting-Song/dp/B001AKM0YS

    It's just music with the actual skip count numbers not story of other lyrics to deal with and it's only $.99 can't beat that with a stick
    YahChna in TN