February 25, 2007

Time Wasters

Okay so I play games to relax. I have always loved games, we played them growing up with my family all the time. I played "cut throat" monopoly, risk and card games with my neighbors and friends all the time. I am by nature and I suppose training an extremely competitive person I am not proud to say. Serona has learned to put up with it but in order to save our marrriage and friendship we have agreed not to play certain games or to play them in certain ways and I play more games on my own free time that helps me as I just compete against myself or a computer player.

Perhaps my favorite to play is Tetris. We have it for our game systems but I don't play it as much on the Gamecube (no we don't have a Wii yet) as I play on my computer. I of course learned on the original Nintendo along with Mario Brothers and Zelda. Still I play n-blox more than Tetris lately. I can't come close to the high scores but it is very relaxing to me. Except of course when Serona decides to comment on every move I make. I play tetris risky I build high and almost always want to go for the tetris even to the point where I will let myself lose. I still go for tetris on level 20 and up when the pieces are actually coming quick. Serona thinks it is a foolish and prideful approach and I suppose he is right but it is the only way I can let myself play and have fun. I like the way my brain has to work when I play tetris and I can be competitive against myself easily here.

I also play Suduko, hearts on the computer (my favorite card game when we can find four people to play), solitaire - though lately I have been playing 10-20-30 solitaire and I like that better. I also play WordCraft and TextTwist when I want letters instead of numbers. Recently I have gotten into GridWorks which Serona likes to call glorified tic tac toe although it is much more than that. I also just discovered online Blokus which should be fun.

I am sure you can see the pattern of what kind of games I like. I know they are still time wasters but I feel better about them because I feel like they are sharpening my mind even if not giving me new skills and I still feel productive when I play. Which of course is dangerous because I can waste a lot of time on them.

What games do you like to play to relax or pass time? I am always looking for good recommendations. The only one I have never gotten into is minesweeper - someone want to explain why this is fun to me?


  1. Have you tried bejeweled. We should make a time when we can play hearts on-line with your brothers for old times.

  2. Oh boy! This is a dangerous (and embarrassing) suggestion, but let me tell you, this is fun... Toontown. You can start with a free account to try it out. You will have enough "spots" on your account for the whole family to each have a toon. The tutorial may seem too simple and boring, but hang in there and you'll be addicted soon enough. Try it... Disney's Toontown Online.