February 15, 2007

Kid Talent

Last night on the way to church Sirah was singing at the top of her lungs for us all to enjoy. Rhiannon could not take it and was trying to find a way to dissuade her from singing since I was unwilling to intervene and was letting it continue. So Rhia asked her "Why do you like to sing so much?" Sirah continued singing and ignored her or perhaps she could simply not hear anything over her own beautiful loud voice.

Anyway I stepped in and asked why Rhiannon loved to read and draw pictures? While she was thinking and Sirah was singing loudly still Ciaran pipes up from the backseat. "Everyone has different talents. Rhia's talent is reading so much and drawing pictures. Sirah's talent is singing. And my talent is playing video games."

Out of the mouths of babes. I tried to redirect the conversation by stating that we all had different things we enjoyed and liked a lot, different hobbies or passions. Hoping I could shift Ciaran from believing video games was his main talent to his main interest (still not something I am thrilled with). But when I explained the difference and asked him again what his talent was he informed me "Climbing walls. I do that way better than my sisters. Everyone else falls when they try but I am good at it."

So apparently my nearly 6 year old son believes his God given talents are to play video games and climb walls. Yes it is winter here in Minnesota and yes he climbs the walls every day. Yes he loves video games and they are an incentive for him. I have never seen someone do all their chores and more and all school work so fast so he can get to the games early in the day.

What can I say he is good at climbing walls and playing video games and also catching frogs which would be a natural answer in the summer for him. Come to think of it those aren't bad talents for a 5 year old boy to be proud of. Maybe I should get a bumper sticker for my car that says "My son made the Honor Roll for wall climbing and video game playing"


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