November 5, 2003

The C's of today... Well we are in the middle of "C" week and today feels like a waste of a day. It was spent mostly preparing for a house showing this evening. I feel like I spent much of the day short and focused on a clean house and not healthy and happy children. Yet we had an alright day, the kids got to go to the mall and play on a n indoor park and then we went out to lunch (Mexican) and headed home for naps. After naps we had to head straight out again for the showing was over dinnertime - we headed out for Italian (two meals out in one day - VERY rare for us) and then off to the library. We came home and got ready for bed and spent about an hour and a half cuddled up in bed all of us just reading books. So today we worked on cleaning, cuddling and closeness, we also talked quite a bit about clouds. The books we read that related to C are:

Corduroy by Don Freeman
What Do You See in a Cloud by Allan Fowler
The Caboose Who Got Loose by Bill Peet
Cars! Cars! Cars! by Grace Maccarone
Copy Me, CopyCub by Richard Edwards
It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G Shaw
Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
Little Cloud by Eric Carle
Calico's Cousins by Phyllis Tildes
Circus by Lois Ehlert
Clown by Quentin Blake
Sector 7 by David Wiesner

Hope you had a great day. I look forward to tomorrow as we will be doing several experiments on crystals, color and caves.


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