November 5, 2003

Getting to Know Me...

For Fun - from Mojo

A: Actor.
Tom Hanks

B: Boyhood Idols. (How about a girlhood idol?)
my grandmother

C: Chore You Hate.
cleaning the oven and bathtub

D: Dad's Name.

E: Essential Video In Collection.
Star Wars (without it Serona would be crazy) and The Music Man

F: Favorite Actress.
Meg Ryan. (and yes i like their films together)

G: Gold or Silver.
silver (except for my wedding ring)

H: Hometown.
currently Twin Cities - originally somewhere in NY

I: Instruments Played.

J: Job Title.

K: Kids.
Two girls and a boy

L: Living Arrangements.
2 bedroom in the burbs with Serona, kids and our faithful Aussie

M: Mom's Name.

N:Number of hours of sleep you got last night

O: Overnight Hospital Stays.
5 - including 3 deliveries - plus two more for my kids

P: Phobia.
None - but I REALLY don't like heights

Q: Quote You Like.
"Why be the same thing to everyone when you can be everything to just one person"

R: Religious Affiliation.

Non-denominational Christian

S: Siblings.
Three brothers

T: Time You Wake Up.
between 6:30 and 7

U: Unique Habit.

I cannot sleep with the sheets tucked in - my feet need to breathe

V: Vegetable You Refuse To Eat.
None I can Think of - but my fruit would be banana

W: Worst Habit.

According to Serona - forgetting to throw away the little tab from our soy milk containers (I constantly leave them on the counter)

X: X-rays Taken.
Many bones when I was younger

Y: Yummy Food You Make.

Baked Seitan
Lentil Soup
Vegan Pizza

Z: Zodiac Sign.
Don't believe in it or pay attention

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