November 3, 2003

Start of C week... Well we are getting back on track with curriculum this week. We are starting "C" week. Today we focused on the language arts aspects, the sounds of C - utilizing the "c" sound box book by Jane Moncure. We began to keep our word list and all our reading books today had something to do with the letter C.

Crocodile and Hen by Joan Lexau
Mrs Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile by Won-Ldy Paye and Margaret H Lippert
County Fair by Eilsha Cooper
Coyote in Love with a Star by Marty Kreipe de Montano
The Giant Carrot by Jan Peck
Chicken Little by Sally Hobson
How Chipmunk Got His Stripes by Jospeh Bruchac and James Bruchac
Carlo Likes Counting by Jessica Spanyol
My "C" Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure

I have even let the children watch some videos today as I needed to get on top of our finances and catch up with bills and filing. They got to watch Cinderella 2 and Homeward Bound (for the cat) - needless to say they were excited. I can't say the same for myself - balancing a checkbook and fighting with insurance companies are not at the top of my list. Sirah has slept most of the day (which means she will be up most of the night) and I feel like I have wasted the day away (though it was necessary and important) to bills and phone calls.

For mathmatics we simply worked on counting by ones and tens. And of course the ever important "cleaning" lessons - that fill our days as our house is on the market. I am "cooking" dinner now - the kids choice - pasta with butter and veggies. Not the healthiest but they did have tofu, potatoes and squash for lunch so I'll be a little lenient with dinner. I'll add in some soy milk for protein and it will be easy to get them to eat.

We are also working on our Bible verse, Colossians 3:20 "Children, obey your parents in all things, for this is well pleasing to the Lord." Rhia can now recite 4 verses and is always eager to learn the next one. I really enjoy the resource "My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts" by Susan Hunt - illustrated by Yvette Santiago Banek. The kids really like stories and it was nice to have the verses picked out - one for each letter of the alphabet - which of course works nicely with our homeschool planning.

Well off for dinner - just dropping a quick update.


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