November 23, 2003

The Power of the Answer Box... I am constantly amazed at how easy it is to find free resources and reliable information online through the web (specifically through Google and storing them using Mozilla.

It makes homeschooling so easy and cheap! Tonight I did some preliminary research for a co-op we will be starting up in the fall. The plan is to take a unit study approach to different continents and countries during the course of the year. In less than 15 minutes I was able to find a nice starting list of resources to refer to and utilize. I was able to bookmark them all in a single Mozilla tab that I can save and open when I want to research a particular country. It is wonderful!

I promise I don't work for Mozilla or Google - but I will sing their praises and encourage you to try it for yourself (if you aren't already) you won't regret it!

We mix a healthy amount of library books with our online resources for a nice variety. I must admit it is so wonderful to not have to reinvent the wheel but rather to stand on the shoulders of the "giants" who have gone before me.


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