November 8, 2003

A Minnesota Saturday... We had a fun family day here in chilly Minnesota. The temperature was somewhere in the 20's I think and it felt that way let me tell you. But we bundled everyone up and headed to a park with a big playground the kids climbed on, a nice BIG hill they ran up (they are napping hard now), and a small lake that had a thin coat of ice on it. The kids skated stones across the water with Serona and Sirah cuddled close to me in the sling - she was zipped up inside my coat in addition to her own clothing and coat. It was a very fun time - then we headed over to a Caribou Coffee and bagel shop. The kids got steamed soy milk with vanilla and Serona and I got "grown-up" drinks, we got bagels with hummus and cream cheese and settled into the couches. The kids played with a very nice wood block set while Serona and I talked and then he assisted them in building an awesome castle while I sat back and watched. Then it was home for naps (ah still going on).

Our Aussie is off to be groomed and we are just relaxing here with some tea and vegan chocolate chip cookies. I finished my lesson planning for the upcoming book while Serona worked on his current Terry Goodkind read "Faith of the Fallen." Tonight we are considering heading to an observatory for a viewing of the eclipse - but need to decide how cold we really want to get as this is an outdoor event. If not we will stay home and enjoy a warm evening spent playing games and reading.

This morning I had some special time with Ciaran just spent building cabins with our Lincoln Logs and playing with our cars on our village mat. It was nice to just lay around and play with him and be silly together while Serona and Rhia headed off to Irish step dance. I do enjoy playing with him so much and he always makes me smile. Even the other day when he emptied all our bookshelves into our closet because his toys were cold in the snow and the closet was a warm car they needed to be in. He really has a wonderful imagination and quite a stubborn streak in him. But fun all the same.


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