November 7, 2003

I Hope You Dance... I love this song! I love this philosophy of life and I have to live it. I just wrote a long post about this and lost it because I was logged in too long. I honestly don't have the time to write much more as our day will begin here shortly. So I will recap. My life recently has been more like that of the "grouchy ladybug" that a woman filled with wonder and dance. I have let the busyness of my days steal my joy from myself and my family. Instead of laughing and playing with my children I am short with them and even yell. I am so focused on getting the task at hand accomplished that I lose my sense of wonder and forget to smile and laugh.

There are many things in life that truly need to get done and many things we want to get done and we can and should do these things. The thing that I had forgotten is to do them with a smile and to remember why we are doing them. My kids need to see me laugh, smile and dance. They need to know that there is JOY in my life and even in my work. They need me to take time to simply BE with them and ENJOY them. They need to not feel as if they are continually competing for my attention (as I believe they have felt recently) and they need to know that life is WONDERFUL. They are not going to learn this from a "grouchy ladybug" mommy.

So I needed an attitude adjustment and this morning's quiet time has given me just that. I WILL Dance with my children today. I WILL LAUGH with my children today. I WILL HUG my children today. I WILL tell my children that I LOVE them. I will SHOW my children I WANT to BE with them today. I will let my children SEE the JOY in my life in all I do. Today we will foster that sense of WONDER and we will be PASSIONATE about life. Today will be FUN in all we do.

So my dear friends I HOPE YOU DANCE in your life as well and remember what is truly important and pass those lessons on to your children in the best way they understand - BY EXAMPLE.

Peace and JOY,

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