November 4, 2003

Mommy how do you make chocolate chips?... Wanting to give the offhanded comment - chocolate is processed and put into a bag and shipped to the store - I resisted and Rhia asked me "Could You Please Look It Up Right Now?" How am I to say no? So while the kids finished their dinner of cake and cookies (I'm not kidding - it was potato and broccoli cakes and chocolate chip cookies) I headed to the "answer box" to find out more details. The answer was not as easy to find as I hoped. What I came up with was a few information pages on chocolate and its' history, trivia pages with quotes and little known facts and a TON of chocolate chip cookie recipes.

The best resources are as follows. For a nice overview of the process of making chocolate I like What Is Chocolate, Anyway? . It was easy to adapt this for my children's ages as I read. For a fun story about the origin of the chocolate chip cookie I like Food reference Website. For a coloring page we used C is for Cookie and If you give a mouse a cookie. And of course our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (easily made vegan) can be found at Whole Foods 365 Cookie Recipe and Ingredients.

Have fun I know we did, we are off to read "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff (again).


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