November 8, 2003

Trouble at the Library... Well I have maxed out my amount of library book holds at 50! That is not to mention the 38 books I have checked out right now and the 30 something I returned today. I know my library use may seem excessive - but we do go through them and that is what it is there for right? I suppose it is good that they have a limit. Of course I just started putting things on my "wish list" which will transfer to my hold list once I pick a few more books up tomorrow. I must admit I love our online library system - I don't think our library use would be quite as high without it - but it is so easy to browse and click from home and then pick them up all in one pile and need to only check them out. I feel better this time most of my books have call numbers - the children's storybooks only have the last name of the author and book title and the librarian needs to thumb through all the books by that letter until s/he finds it. But it is the system they designed and the system I will use.


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