November 20, 2003

Gifts... With holidays coming up I thought I would provide some links for places I love to give and receive gifts from. It seems the more kids we add the more I shop exclusively online or through catalogues, it is just so much easier and I think their stuff is so much nicer and more original. Unfortunately the prices are often higher as well, plus you add shipping, still they are worth a click. You will notice a theme to these sites of natural and educational toys for kids. Happy browsing!

My two favorite all around kid gift sites are Magic Cabin and Lakeshore Learning. Be sure to check out Lakeshore's clearance pages and I really enjoy their catalogue. Two new sites we are trying this year are Rosie Hippos and Willow Tree. I like their products but can't tell you how it goes yet.

Of course there are the good old standby's of Half.Com and the The PlayStore. As for brick and mortar - I actually like the natural toys that can be found at Target and Creative Kidstuff is an excellent shop. Finally if you are in the St Paul area be sure to check out PeaPods.

For the adults on your list - I love to receive gifts from the Attachments Catalogue and of course LL Bean, MotherWear and La Leche League.

Some non-traditional gift ideas would be memberships to local museums, zoos and parks. Or purchasing a class or lessons for a child in a special area of interest (Rhiannon's grandparents gave her Irish Step Dance Lessons for her birthday). Perhaps a subscription to NetFlix for the movie buff or a subscription to Music Match for the music lover.

Anyway Happy Holiday Shopping and enjoy these upcoming months and days that seem to pass so quickly.


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