November 13, 2003

Fun on the Snowplows... We just returned from a field trip to the local city maintenance facility, where we had a class on snow safety. The kids watched a video on snow safety (not building snow forts, plow safety, and snowball safety). The teacher was a snow plower and he talked about some of his experiences and the dangers that can occur when children do not follow safety rules near him. Then the best part in Ciaran's mind (and many of the other kids as well) they got to actually see and climb into a big snowplow. The tires were taller than Ciaran and Rhiannon had many questions to ask about the truck. Ciaran liked crawling through the front plow blade like a tunnel and everyone liked climbing in the truck. Ciaran's grin was from ear to ear when it was his turn (twice) and you could see him just light up on the inside. What is it about little boys and big trucks? It was a great field trip and the kids even got handouts and worksheets to bring home.

We are really wound up here even after our lunch of tofu, orange and yellow peppers, carrots and apple slices with carrot/apple juice to drink. They did so well with lunch they both got a chocolate chip cookie. I tried to settle them into reading and they were bouncing off the walls so I settled for a Winnie the Pooh video to calm them down, then naps and then we will have our reading time.


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