November 28, 2003

It's Official, We're Moving... We are still staying in the Twin Cities, just graduating to a 4 bed/2 bath big fenced in yard (yay!) in a different neighborhood. It is the right move for our family, though it will be tough to leave our neighborhood. Of course this move is easier than some in the past, we don't really need to start over again with building friendships and support networks. Anyway everything is going to move very quickly as we need to be out of this house in 2 weeks!

Needless to say with the holidays, travel, packing, moving and unpacking my blogging time will probably be limited and I have put any "scheduled activities" for the kids on hold. I need to start rounding up all our library books and resist the temptation to take any more out so we don't have more to pack. So I'll be in and out for a little while and will pick up with daily blogging in January.


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