November 5, 2003

It's All About Love... Here is a great article written from the heart of a homeschooling mother. I am sure we can all relate and can take her words of wisdom to heart. I know they were an excellent reminder to me during a very stressful week - when it seems all I am doing is running from here to there and trying to please everyone - and in reality - my voice is louder, shriller and not sounding so full of love. Her wisdom will stick with me today. From her article:

"It was time for confession and then a simple prayer each and every day that everything I do, I could do with love. Every time I served, I wanted a servants heart glad for the opportunity to act in charity towards the precious children I so dearly love. Mothers have so many, many chances to do for the least of our brothers. We have so many ways to love. But we miss them. We do our duty; we get the job done and we think we are doing well. But we neglect to smile or to sing while we do it. We neglect to stoop down to the level of the child and to speak in a soft voice. We neglect to take the time in the car as the great gift it is and to strike up meaningful, loving conversation with the teenager. We get it done, but we don't love while we are doing it.

Life becomes a list of chores to check off instead of an opportunity for relationships to grow. Meals are fed to stop the growling in a child's stomach instead of served to nourish both body and soul. We need to pause, to pray and to truly offer it to our Lord. Everything we do, all day, everyday, we can do with love, blessing it and bringing joy to it. It's a matter of attitude and the invocation of the Holy Spirit.

It's not all about me. And it never should be. It's all about love. And that's really all that matters, now and in eternity."

Read the whole article to lift your spirits.


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