November 26, 2003

Homeschoolers and Taxes... Reading thishomeschooling article I was calmly absorbing the points being made until this sentence jumped out at me:

"Education officials support parental decisions to home-school, but not on the taxpayer's dime, especially when the state is strapped for cash, he said. 'We can't provide textbooks to our own public students,' Crouch said. 'The program gives money when there is no money to be given out.' "

It is funny to me that the system just EXPECTS all people (homeschooling, private, publicschooling, elderly, singles, etc) to fund the public school education system and their is an absolute outcry if there is any money spent anywhere other than there. Now I am not against public funding of schools and I am not saying I want my district to pay for my schooling (I want to be free from their influence) but this article is actually talking about online charter schools - which are NOT homeschools _again_ .

Okay stepping down again and taking a deep breath.

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