November 17, 2003

A Weekend Off... Decided to take the weekend off from blogging and just spend it all with my family and it was a good decision. Saturday Serona spent the day with the kids and I had a conference to attend with just Sirah, everyone had a pretty good day. Yesterday was a good family day and in the evening Serona and I watched "A Mighty Wind", and enjoyable flick for the most part.

We are off to Monday coop and then we are starting G week here. I am also contemplating doing a test run through of a week of Five in a Row. We have decided today is the only day we have anything planned and we may not leave the house for the rest of the week - it has just been so stressful trying to keep the house so clean and run here and there all the time. I think the kids and I need some time to just reconnect and spend time close together - most likely reading.

Hope you all have a great day and I'll try to give an update later tonight.


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