July 13, 2004

Bringing Things to Date

While blogging may be light, activity is not (thus blogging in light) - we have been busy. In the past week we have bought a new puppy, attended a birthday party, seen a zoomobile show, and had many fun days in the sun. Our days often consist of spending the time in our backyard in the pool and on the swingset. Collecting toads is Ciaran's favorite hobby and collecting pretty rocks Rhiannon's. Sirah has her own little pool that she can climb in and out of and I sit nearby. We walk into town and to the library - we go to the farmers market and the kids ride their bikes. It is a good summer - we have laid off schoolwork for the most part - other than our daily reading that the kids love and doing some "reading clubs".

I am usually not one for incentive and reward clubs for reading as I want my kids to learn to love to read just for the love of it. However this summer I have found a few that I thought would be a nice reward for my kids. Since it is NOT pulling their teeth to read I thought for once they could enjoy some of the benefits other kids get for choosing to read. It has not affected their love of reading and it is encouraging Rhiannon to do more reading on her own and not just enjoying listening to read alouds (which we still do) so far I am glad with my decision. Plus they are more than halfway done with their "summer-long" program and we signed up a week and a half ago. They still see the benefit of reading as the reward of the book though and they do love stories, even Sirah is starting to enjoy more than chewing books~

Rhiannon and Ciaran are really enjoying each other this summer and seem to be getting along better than ever. They have their moments to be sure - but for the most part they spend their days playing together in their own little world and love being in the pool and yard together. We still have atleast one day a week when we see other kids - often more - but I am so glad they have each other to play with.

Hope your summers are as enjoyable.


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