July 19, 2004

Keeping Busy

Today we kept ourselves very busy. We ran errands for much of the day - trying to make it from one air conditioned place to the next. While I love hot weather, it was really hot and I thought the kids could use to be inside. We picked up some yarn and some more animals for the kids collection. We picked up some hanging racks to add to our playroom so we could hang up all our costumes, and some back to school storage items at the brand new IKEA (which was CRAZY busy). We came home for lunch and then went back out to our local hardware store to get some screws and supports to hang our new purchases (there I received a minieducation on wall supports).

Then we went for a walk - the kids each got to pick out their own treat (anything from the produce aisle at the grocery store), Rhiannon picked blueberries and Ciaran a peach, Sirah and I split some apple/carrot juice. We picked a spot in the grass and had a mini picnic. Then we continued our walk and they were each rewarded with 1 dollar to spend in the dollar store. Ciaran picked out a giant magnifying glass, Rhiannon a ring and I picked up a pair of scissors. We walked back to the car, it was sweltering heat by this point and Ciaran asked to take off his shirt. Headed home for dinner and then worked on hanging our new purchases up, it looks great and the kids will use their dress up more with it so easy to see and access.

We would down the night with a movie and some stories, after the kids went to bed I folded laundry and cleaned up and then feel asleep listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on tape.


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