July 26, 2004

Setting the Scene

I've been surfing the internet for about 2 hours now - alternating between reading news, planning and organizing curriculum, cleaning up bookmarks, browsing the star wars fan club forums and email. I've been listening to musicmatch jukebox - some artists from tonight: stevie nicks, diane krall, dan fogelberg, fleetwood mac, abba, this moral coil and better than ezra. I got up to get a drink and realized I wanted to share the setting from which I have been working.

I am in my bedroom - I am sitting propped up on several pillows with the little bed Sirah has decided I may have - she is sprawled sideways across over 3/4 of our queen size bed. My laptop is propped on my lap, to my right is my reading table (Serona's present to me for my 30th birthday), sitting on the shelf side is a cup of tazo tea, a reading lamp and the current book I am reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I've been plowing through the whole series again after seeing the movie recently. On the floor next to me is a blanket I am crocheting for a friend. I am making an afghan with this wonderful homespun yarn.

I am struck by how wonderful my life truly is as I am surrounded by things I truly love and enjoy doing. As my family lays nearby asleep I can choose between reading comfortably in bed, crocheting an afghan for a friend with soft yarn while I listen to a book on tape or some of my favorite music, or I can work on curriculum or just surf the internet from the comfort of my bed. How blessed I am. It has been a good night. I think it is time to sign off the computer though.


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