July 20, 2004

Great Day

Today we spent much of the day at the zoo - we spent the morning getting the house in order and then headed out - we bought a yearly membership. Rhiannon's 5th birthday just passed and she received some money for her birthday and chose to buy a membership with some of it (we pitched in a bit as well) and that is what they wanted to do today.

We had an excellent time at the zoo even though it was 90 degrees and felt like Georgia hot (which feels like Africa hot according to a dear friend who lived there for 3 years) part of me questioned my sanity in going today but we did have a lot of fun.

We started by visitng the sharks - one of Ciaran's favorites and then caught the tail end of the dolphin show - which is always a hit with my kids. We walked around visiting exhibits including the wolves, tigers, moose , caribou and meerkats. Then we watched the bird show, which the older two really enjoyed - Sirah was very hot at this point and was getting a bit grumpy. After the show we went and took our picture with a bald eagle and a macaw and then headed over to the farm exhibit.

The kids enjoyed the tractor wagon ride and I must admit the breeze felt nice as did the ability to take Sirah off my back briefly. The kids got to pet goats, sheep, cows and horses. We spent time looking and the new baby piglets and Rhiannon's favorite animal - the pig. We visited the chickens and then headed back on the wagon. We hit a couple more exhibits and then went to the children's play room - where they took turns dressing up as divers and various animals. They also gave me shots and watched the Nemo fishtank for awhile. A brief stop at the gift shop where Rhiannon chose a horse and Ciaran a "jumpy guy", code name for frog in our house, I also picked up a ring-tailed lemur to add to our collection.

We headed home for a dinner of pizza and ice pops and then headed back out to the bookstore so Rhiannon could exchange some duplicate books she received for her birthday. She must have flipped through every page of over 20 books or so before deciding what she wanted - which were none of the books she looked through - instead she chose unabridged and unillustrated chapter books of Peter Pan and Anne of Green Gables which each came with a little necklace and charm. We started Peter Pan tonight before bed. She also picked up a book she has wanted for awhile "I love you Forever" . I picked up a bible ABC book for Ciaran and some really cool wooden and stone book coasters for our library that were on clearance. We headed home had another ice pop and read a chapter from Peter Pan before heading off to bed.

All in all is was a great day. We kept very busy but enjoyed ourselves despite the heat. I was amazed at how well Sirah did being dragged all over the place and spending majority of her day in the backpack or carseat. She repaid me by staying up until nearly 1am as if to stay I finally have you alone spend time with me.


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