July 27, 2004

Reading Rewards

Being a believer in the reward of reading is the story itself I usually do not do "incentive-based reward" programs. However, this summer I did knowing they would read much more than they were required to (30 each). Yesterday they finished their program and they received their bookbags, movie tickets and kids meals. They were excited. Rhiannon read 8 books yesterday to finish off her list when she found that Ciaran had completed his.

We headed up to the library where they collected their new bookbags and of course needed to get some books to put in it - even though we had already been to the library that morning and gotten out several books. Then we headed over to a restuarant and redeemed their free meal (grilled cheese, freedom fries, and an ice cream) and they were in a great mood. This was good as it helped pass the time that Serona was away on business.

They were so excited for their bookbags and we came home and read a bunch of books before bed. I am so glad that my kids love reading and love our local library. I pray their passion for books and reading continues throughout their life.


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