July 26, 2004

Magic Show

We had a lazy morning getting going today - but we managed to ride up to our library in time for the magic show program. I love that the kids can bike there it gives us all some nice exercise and feels much better than always driving everywhere - soon Sirah will be old enough to ride in our bike trailer and I can bike too.

The show was good the kids seemed to enjoy themselves - though this is now my 3rd magic show of the summer and I find my enthusiasm waning - but for the performer and the kids I keep my spirits up. After the show we collected some books and biked home.

The kids retreated to the backyard while I made lunch. They played in the sprinkler, pool and playset. They ran around, golfed, played in the sand and of course hunted for toads (their favorite pastime this summer), thankfully they found one.

It was a great summer day - the kind I cherish.


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