July 23, 2004

In Rhiannon's Words

I would just like to tell you guys that I had a very fun week this week, I did. Well (giggle) this is the goofiest part, I did front flips and back flips that's really silly. Today I'm going to have a marching bad with silverware and jingling stuff and music things.

We had a sleepover party this week. With some of my friends (she named all of them). Well we had scones this week. We watched Willa Wonka and the Chocolate factory. This is the mostest mostest funnest part - one of my friends wrestled and bartled and played with each other and the silly part is I went like this "BRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHH" and she throws herself down on the couch.

Well while we had our sleepover party at night my brother and I got to watch a movie on the computer. In the morning we played and played and played and we found a frog. A friend helped us take care of it. The frog hopped away eventually.

Of course and then dad went to the boundary waters. And the last thing Ciaran got a rock stuck up in his nose. I licked a lollipop. We went to the zoo - I got an animal. We saw sharks. Last word I'm going to sail around like a elephant La la la.


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