July 3, 2004

Private Gardens

We had so many plans for today - they all got rained out so we needed to readjust our desires and expectations. We were supposed to have a day filled with outdoor carnival like activities including pony rides - but instead it downpoured and even we decided it would not be a good time for the kids. Instead we decided to do a craft project on Serona's pushing.

We headed over to Michael's and then Frank's nursery to pick up supplies. The kids made their own little gardens to take care of. We bought each of them there own round terracotta pot and some potting soil - a plant, some shells and decorative rocks and each got to pick a decorative animal (Ciaran picked a toad of course and Rhiannon picked a pig).

We headed home into our garage and filled the bottom of each pot with river rock then potting soil and then the kids helped transplant their little plants - plus the impatients they each planted when we toured the flower shop a few months ago. Then they each got to decorate their pot however they wanted with decorative stones and shells. Then each placed their animal in a special place and we carried them up to the deck where they will stay and the kids can water and take care of them each day.

This was a cheap and easy project that the kids absolutely loved and I would highly recommend. We enjoyed it so much that we have decided this is what will do as party favors for each of the kids during Rhainnon's upcoming 5th birthday party.


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