July 4, 2004

Fourth of July

Today was a great day. We marched in our local parade for our federal congressman who is up for reelection this year. The kids enjoyed handing out stickers for him and were real troopers walking the entire few miles (including walking to and from our house) and they really seemed to enjoy themselves. Even our dog walked wearing stickers on his paws! Serona carried a spray bottle and helped out the crowds by spraying them with water as we walked by - it was a hot day!

After the parade we headed home for popsicles and cold water in our wonderfully air conditioned home. Then we were off again to visit some friends who just had a baby. We brought dinner over and just enjoyed their company - their beautiful daughter is just 3 days old!

We helped out around the house - helping organize their basement and move some furniture, vacuum, sweep, do laundry - however we could be used we were. We believe it is so important to help out friends during their times of need, especially right after the birth of a baby! Even the kids pitched in and helped as best they could. They also enjoyed some time jumping on their trampoline.

On the way home we all watched the fireworks displayed that had started. We arrived home to discover that we have an excellent view of our own local fireworks show from our deck. We were able to see a great show from our deck inside our screen room free of bugs and other people's smoke and noise. We put on some nice patriotic classical music to listen to. After the town's display was over we were able to enjoy a few of our neighbor's displays (which were actually very impressive) and then finished the night off with some of our own smaller fireworks so the kids could enjoy some little ones close up. It was so nice for once to not be bothered by bugs on the 4th!

The kids were exhausted and falling asleep as we got them ready for bed. It was a great day. A very busy and full day, but a great day nonetheless. Hope your fourth was just as enjoyable.


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