July 28, 2004


The kids woke up itching to go to the park. They could hardly wait for breakfast and I think they intentionally woke Sirah up - I eventually gave up fighting them and we all headed out for a morning bike ride to the park with me pushing Sirah in the stroller. We walked around our neighborhood first, so I could get some exercise in and then headed over to the park - only to discover that our playground was closed for repairs (guess it will be nice when it is done) but that was no bother to the kids - we just changed gears.

Can you guess? We went on a toad hunt of course! We saw mostly frogs and they were way to fast for us to catch - but the kids gave it their best effort. We saw dragonflies (a very pretty and large blue one), butterflies, bunny rabbits, birds, squirrels, a dead hermit crab, ducklings, bumblebees, and frogs (not to mention mosquitoes).

When we arrived at the edge of our local pond we saw about 6-10 frogs just sitting there as soon as the kids tried to get them they jumped away into the water. The kids decided to sit on the edge of the water (inside the brush) I okayed it. I was on the grass with Sirah who was walking around when suddenly I hear a cry look up and Rhiannon is slipping and calling for me.

She fell into the duckweed completely - she grabbed at a branch but it did not hold her - one whole side of her body submerged itself and she came up very upset. I helped her out of the water and she was covered from head to toe on one side of her body in duckweed. She was very unhappy and asked to go immediately home and shower. We did. She walked her bike home and went right into the shower and I think she feels better now - though she claims she is never going back to the pond again.

The dangers of a nature walk I suppose.


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