July 22, 2004

Sleepover Party

Our family hosted a sleepover party for some friends of ours the other day. We had a total of 4 moms, 8 kids, and 3 dogs here. It was a lot of fun! One mom made a sleepover cake which was just precious, it had all the kids under a blanket and their initials - she made it out of a sheet cake, twinkies (for the bodies), marshmallows (for the pillows), vanilla wafers (for the heads) and two different color frostings (for sheets and blankets) and wrapped fruit by the foot around the bottom. The kids loved it and enjoyed getting to eat themselves, we even let little Sirah eat a bit of herself as well.

The kids played in the yard, the pool, the playset, the basement and throughout the house. The moms chatted, made dinner and watched them. We managed to get them to bed sometime around 9pm (we split them all up to sleep) and then 3 of the moms stayed up WAAAAAAAAAAY to late (as you always should at a slumber party) and watched a movie and then had heart to heart talks until 3am! The kids got up around 7 and we had breakfast and the kids played and eventually everyone went home.

It was a great idea, a slumber party for the moms in a lot of ways. The kids had a good time but we had a blast. We enjoyed good food, munchies, a terrible movie, and lots and lots of good conversation. There were many laughs at a time when many of us could use them and some good bonding. I highly recommend it.


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