July 29, 2004

Ice Cream Shop Field Trip

WE had a great field trip today to a Ben and Jerry's shop. Yum and perfect for July! The kids got to make homemade ice cream and learn how to make waffle cones - it was interesting. They got a tour of the shop and learned about some of Ben and Jerry's philosophy - on antiobiotics in milk, give back to the community etc. Then the best part for them of course was the ice cream. Rhiannon had vanilla and Ciaran had Strawberry Chesscake with graham cracker swirl. I had sorbet and Sirah refused any.

It felt good to have a field trip - our homeschool group has been alternating field trips and playdates and birthday parties and it seems we have had few field trips this summer. It was a nice trip. Then we headed over to a local school supply shop and laminated some calendar cutouts I made for our photo file this year.

The kids are in the yard playing and Sirah is enjoying wandering the house and the deck. She loves to carry things around now that she has the freedom of her hands and can maintain her balance. Crickets, potato bugs, jumpy guys (aka toads) and general play make up our afternoon.


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