July 29, 2004

** "Mommy" Blogs **

During some recent web surfing in the blogosphere I noticed a disturbing trend. I noticed that while political blogs are getting lots of attention due to the bloggers at the convention it has led to some downsides as well. I have read many "Why can't it be me" or "I'm just a mom" or "My blog is boring" comments. That saddens me - because we may be mothers and we may be blogging about our children and our daily lives but that does not make a "mommy blog" insignificant. On the contrary some of the most inspiring blogs I have read have been written by other homeschooling mothers. These women and sometimes fathers give me great ideas for raising and teaching my own kids, they help me accept that my struggles and difficulties are normal and they remind me why we do what we do on those hard days. Also truth be told they make me laugh, smile and sometimes cry. They give me a connection with a community and inspiration when I most need it. "Mommy blogs" are very significant indeed.

More than that they are written histories for ourselves, our families and our culture. We are passing on to our children records of what we did and how we felt. We are leaving an imprint and representation of our families and our lives. We are journaling our history for our kids and the generations to come. We can learn from each other and we can learn from ourselves.

No matter how many hits you get in a day your blog still matters. You don't need an invitation to a convention or coverage on the nightly news or a mention on InstaPundit to have a great and meaningful blog. So thanks to everyone of you and keep up the great work in your families, communities and on your blogs.


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