December 20, 2004

Christmas Came Early - Thanks Serona

I had an outstanding weekend and much of it was due to Serona and his loving kindness and generosity. On Saturday afternoon I went to an afternoon tea at a good friend's house. She had all the women from our hs support group over except one who was out of town. We had a wonderful afternoon with great things to eat, great conversation and an ability to feel like an adult instead of just like a mom (though I know they are not mutually exclusive they often feel that way). We exchanged Christmas ornaments as a present to each other and I received a really cute snowman.

I knew that Serona was planning something as he was sneaking around the house calling all my friend's husbands and being quiet about the whole thing. Well around 5:30 when we were getting ready to leave - a limo pulled up to her house to take us downtown to eat dinner. Unfortunately one person could not join us as she had previous plans that could not be changed. Serona had decided that morning to do this and put his spur of the moment plan into action.

The limo was very nice. It was one woman's first time in a limo and another's third time. I have been spoiled as I have spent quite a bit of time in limo's as my grandfather was a limo driver. Still it has been a long time, perhaps since I got married, since I was in one. The driver brought us downtown to my favorite restuarant - a nice vegetarian friendly place with a nicer atmosphere. Serona had prepaid for both the limo and the dinner so all we had to do was enjoy!

It was a wonderful evening - filled with stories, laughter, tears and overall great friends going deeper. We found out things we never knew about one another and shared the qualities we most admired in each other - which was hard for me to hear. It is often very difficult for me to accept a compliment. But from these women it was truly special as their opinions mean so much and I know they are truly honest with me. We spent a few hours over some great food, good wine and then sharing all the desserts on the tray together!

We rode the limo back to our friends house and several departed - I went inside and ended up staying several more hours just chatting and sharing with that one person. It was a truly great night and day. The evening had a perfect start at our friend's house, with good china, great food and a warm atmosphere and then continued on until the later hours of the evening. It was an amazing Christmas gift for Serona to give me and my friends. I could not believe he just decided to do this and did it and paid for everything for all of us. He truly is a special man and I am glad to call him my husband. Thanks love.


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  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Yes, you truly have an amazing husband! I had a wonderful time.-Missy