December 21, 2004

Rhia Narration

The Little Girl who Did Not Like to be clean (from first language lessons)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl, she did not like to take baths. She screamed every time she took a bath. When her mother said it was time to bathe she would screm and say "I like being dirty, I hate being clean." Then her mother said if you don't stay clean you'll be as dirty as a pig.

That night when she went to bed thinking about pigs. Suddenly she wasn't in her white soft bed anymore. She was in the middle of the pig pen! Mud squished between her toes and fingers. She splashed in the mud, three little pigs came up to her and pressed their little snouts against her, they wanted her to play. She jumped up and they played a game of tag. After that they rolled in the mud and after that they heard food. The little girl and the three pigs ran to the trough but all the little girl found was slop.

She climbed out of the pigpen, tiptoed along the roads until she came to her own house. She slipped into the backdoor and into the bathroom. Turned on clean fresh warm water and then ran to her mother to tell her all about it. Her mother said "you had a dream" The girl though it was a good dream because it changed her mind about baths and she said "I DO NOT LIKE BEING DIRTY NOW."

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