December 20, 2004

You Know You're From MN when...

Well I finally feel like I am living in Minnesota in December due to the current temps. While the temp is 14 degrees with windchill it is -6 and it feels like it. When I turned on my car this afternoon to run some last minute Christmas errands with Ciaran the readout was -4 temp inside my car! Poor Ciaran was complaining about how cold his legs were and they really were cold! The other night I was driving home without gloves and I had to alternate one hand in my pocket and one hand on the steering wheel wrapped inside my jacket for about the first 15 minutes I drove as it was too cold to touch the wheel. I will make sure I have my gloves with me now.

Yet still I have grown accustomed to it. I realize I need to wear a coat but I am warm enough in a coat. I still walk out to check my mail without one and enjoy the briskness of the air and I still open the windows for atleast a few minutes every day to let the air circulate. I can pretty much estimate the temperature to within a few degrees and I don't mind being cold. Okay I will admit in January or February when we hit the -20's BEFORE windchill (that is actual temp) and it feels like the inside of your nose is frozen then I don't want to go outside but until then I am basically okay. We spend less time outside than I would like because I still feel Sirah is a bit young to handle the weather and even the older kids don't like to be out for more than 15-20 minutes at a time and then immediately follow that with hot chocolate. Still we don't let the cold keep us from doing things. If we did we would never go out of our home until mid march.

I do miss the snow though. I have grown accustomed to a white Christmas and the nice part about MN snow is it usually stays white all the time. Right when it starts to melt or get dirty from the slush it usually snows again. However this year it seems we are not going to have snow before Christmas and it will be like being back in NY where it was a treat to have a white Christmas. I guess part of me wishes it would snow as if it is going to be this cold there simply should be snow. It is fun for the kids to play in and quite truthfully I think it is beautiful. Yet I would be lying if I did not admit it is NICE to not have to put on snow boots and snow suits and deal with black ice and slush and three small children.

Hope you are enjoying your weather, whatever it may be.

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