December 21, 2004

Three Little Pigs Lesson Plan

Today Rhiannon read "The Three Little Pigs" for her reading time. It was pretty close to the original and she did a nice job with it. After she read it we decided to reenact it ourselves. Since it is far too cold to go outside (-2) and build homes we used what we could find inside. I was the first little pig and I made my house of paper envelopes instead of straw and was done quick. Ciaran was the second little pig and he made his house out of foam blocks. Rhiannon was the third little pig and she made her home out of big wooden blocks. Then we took turns being the wolf and pigs. We recited the lines from the story and acted it out. Ciaran was the wolf and blew down my house so I ran next door to his house, Rhiannon was the wolf and blew down his house easily and then we ran next door to her house and Sirah and I were the wolf together on Rhia's house which of course could not blow down. They lit a "fire" in the chimney and I had to run away. It was great fun and brought many laughs and we had to do it again. Sirah learned to blow and we all really know the story well now.

Rhiannon followed it up with some worksheets based on the story and then wrote an ending about what she felt happened after the wolf ran away and illustrated it. I will post it later. Then she colored some pig, wolf and house cutouts and glued them to popsicle sticks to act out the story again and again. She and Ciaran took turns acting it out as a performance for me while I cooked dinner. It was fun and easy. If it is warm by you you could actually do this outside and on a larger scale and have more fun with it.


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